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John de Lancie on QVC

John de Lancie! Thank you!

Good writing, Great character, "Q's" like a good wave, you ride it for a long time.

Takes a couple of hours to sign 500

I signed my full name!

It's almost impossible to get into!

It paved the way for Paramount too.

Is that when I lose my powers?

I can't tell you. (What the Q look like.)

Thousands out there have ideas of what the Q look like.

I don't play a God or a King. You play what they do.

You had an episode on Deep Space Nine? Yes!

You have a lot of people and you want to get to them for autographs.

I will be in the movie, Multiplicity!

Our friendship(Kate Mulgrew) goes back 12-15 years.

We skirted around the issue of our relationship on DS9.

Demo the Klingon CD Rom game.

Are you going to produce science fiction audio tape series with Leonard Nimoy?

Alien Voices does classic dramatization science fiction on audio tapes.

(John playing with the toys!)

You're asking the wrong guy.


I can't tell you. (What's going on in the next movie.)

(John playing with a tricorder.)

The Borg just want to be friends.

Kate Mulgrew does a great job!

I have a movie with Michael Keaton and Alien Voices with Leonard Nimoy.

I enjoy doing enjoyable things!

I got a great deal of recognition from the fans, due to Star Trek.

I think you should hire me for the lead in The Hand That Rocks the Cradle.

Yes, bigger and better roles!

Kate and my friendship involves eating dinner and telling stories.

I auditioned for the role of Q!

Gene said,"You make my words sound better than they are."

Wow! That's Great! (John talking about acting.)

The other Q plays the impish one.

John, Thank you so much! Thank you , same to you!
John de Lancie looks like he was having a good time playing with all the Star Trek items and talking to his fans on QVC.


Special thanks to Melissa Pittman for acquiring

the QVC tape of John de Lancie!

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