John de Lancie in "Get Smart Again!"

John de Lancie plays Major Preston Waterhouse.

Sorry about that!

How about a refill? NO!

Smart is right! We have to use Hover Cover.

One of our surveillance teams intercepted him.

His formula never worked. It does now!

Why don't we have the Hot-In-Tot's papers? EEER!

The agent I sent to get the papers was incompetent.

I killed him 20 minutes ago!

You don't have to worry about Smart. He is as good as dead!

The more you know about a man, the easier it is to kill him.

My compliments to whomever wrote it.

(The Major doing a little construction work on Smart)

I'm on my way!

John de Lancie looks like he is having a good time playing a double agent in this remake of Get Smart.

John really knows how to leave a scene!

Major Waterhouse gets uncovered as a double agent!

A Special Thanks to Melissa Pittman for getting me a copy of "Get Smart Again!"

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