John de Lancie in "Houston: The Legend of Texas" or aka "Gone to Texas!"

Mr. Van Parsons, Sirs and Ladies!

Governor Sir, I bring you greetings from the President of the U.S.

With best wishes and fondest hopes for your future.

A general's ration of fine executive elixer.

Now we can do some celebrating!

Here! Here!

Sam Houston was a lousy bastard!

Mr. Houston will stand trial for contempt.

Congress has never tried to censure an ordinary citizen before.

John would you intoduce Mr. Houston to a tailor and barber.

Mr. Houston, how do you respond to these charges.

(John taking notes for the President.)

He's got them spell-bound.

He was instructing them on liberty, tyranny and ill-treatment of the Cherokee.

Bravo! Bravo!

To Sam Houston!

To Stanberry!

Go back to the woods and play Indian?

A Special Thanks to Melissa Pittman for obtaining "Gone to Texas" for me!

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