John de Lancie in Star Trek:Hide & Q

Starfleet Admiral Q at your service.

An untimely visit from Q.

Your species is always suffering and dying.

You might have learned an interesting lesson.

Macro head with a micro brain!

Oh come Picard, why do you distrust me so?

Seized my vessel, seized my vessel!


The Q became interested in you.

Too accustomed to military privileges

But you Riker?

Games, did someone say games?

And perchance for intersake a deadly game.

To the game!

Join me Riker!


This is the dressing for a game that we will play.

Do you think I would go from a Starfleet Admiral to anything else.

Equally as meaningless ...

The greatest possible future you can imagine!

Can any of you stay alive?

This game shall be completely unfair!

Game penalty!

Into nothingless!

The only one who can destroy Tasha now, is you.

Especially with ones in penalty boxes.

One takes the jobs he can get!

Shall we wager on that?


Riker will be offered something impossible to refuse.

The play is the thing.

All the galaxy is a stage.

It is a tale told by an idiot.

Interesting Q!

Perhaps a little Hamlet?

Surely you don't see your species like that?

Is it that which concerns you Q?

Think fast Commander Riker!

I have given you the power of the Q.

Use it!

Strange graditude!

Send the soldiers back to the nothingness.

Want something from you foolish fragile non-entities.

(John de Lancie as Q)

The limitless dimensions of the galaxy where.

Of course you don't and you never will.

The true nature of the universe.

Perhaps in a future you can not conceive.

Bring to us this human need and hunger.

You're going to miss me!


I forgive your blasphemy!

The truely evil part of this is your jealousy.

Oh how touching!

Feel free to cooperate with him.

Price seems a little too high for me.

No place, micro brain.

But it's easier boy!

Pay off your wager!

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