John de Lancie in Legend: "Birth of a Legend"

Oh, Mr. Legend, we were expecting you!

Janos Christoff Bartok, University of Budapest!

Foremost enthusiast of the works of Nicodemus Legend!

Would you care to join me for an early breakfast?

Was it the magnified spindle of the parts?

Scrambled, sauteed, poached, boil?

The truth is ....

It worked perfectly!

Nicodemus Legend!

Sounds like a vintage legend adventure to me,

Personally, I thought your last book lacked ...

Borrow the underwater helment from Jules Verne.

If you say so.

I have recreated many of your technological feats for my own amusement.

Public whims!

It has?

I have changed the course of the river.

Any honest judge would quickly dismiss them.


Perhaps a little underpowered!

Shall we (dance?)

One man can make a difference.

Your celebrity has the power to give our enemy pause.

Together we can cause the real legend!

If you don't show up in town,

This is a private meeting!

I don't think she is telling me the whole truth.

That stage out of town tomorrow, won't take you away from reality.

My discoveries were far superior.

I had hopes!

There is just no getting away from reality.

(John de Lancie as Professor Bartok)

He gets 20%!

It's almost ready!

Its far more likely you will fall and break your neck.



They don't all have to end that way.

A part of me is Legend now, too!

I'm a good scientist.

John de Lancie plays inventor Janos Bartok. This role is a perfect match for John. He is so creative in developing the character of this turn of the century inventor. John's facial expressions really makes this character.

Together we could become Legendary!

Special Thanks to Melissa Pittman for getting me the Legend series!

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