John de Lancie in Legend

"Mr. Pratt Comes to Sheridan!"

Yes Mr. Mayor, it is quite a day!

Best they could do on short notice.

To Mr. Nicodemus Legend

(John de Lancie as Bartok)

John as Professor Bartok!

John as Bartok in hot air balloon.

John de Lancie in opening credits!

John again in opening credits.

I'd feel more confident if you were to ...

What you need is to consider just who you are.

Legend belongs in the crossfire. He thrives on it!

Not any more!

And every year Santa Claus delivers!

You say that, as you actually thought you have a choice.

It means! You'll see!

Glad to be back in action again.

Keep us on the same course.

You have the power of the Bartok Research Facility behind you.

Unpredictability is something that you need.

Don't worry we'll be right behind you.

Once you determine trajectory, it is really quite easy to track the bullet.

John as Professor Bartok!

Gentlemen, good day!

Would you scare up his liver and his heart.

It proves that Gentleman Jim could not have done it.

(Bartok comes to the aid of Legend!)

Well, now this is the situation.

In my book, if it were my book...

provide an explanation for the missing funds!

Opportunity to expand the science of bank robbery.

Fine, Fine, Fine!

The truth shall set us free!

So much for advancing the science of bank robbing!

Any harm done to your name.

Legend was shown on the UPN network. John de Lancie does a wonderful job of making the character of Professor Bartok, a local inventor, come alive. The part is written almost tailor-made to fit John's personality.

Very nice to have met you sir!

A Special Thanks to Melissa Pittman for obtaining the Legend Series for me!

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