John de Lancie in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine in "Q-Less!"

(John de Lancie as Q in Deep Space Nine, "Q-Less!")

Really Vash, I can't believe you are still pining away for Jean-Luc!

I'm back!

A team, joined together at the hip!

Alright, you choose!

You don't know what you are missing!

Not to mention all the other galaxies!

But I do know everything!

What is it, you really want?

Barred from the Royal Museum of Episolon 7.

What did they call you, the God of lies?


No wonder you ended up with Picard.

Sounds like fun!

These mating rituals you human indulge in are really quite disgusting.

Well, we will see about that!

You are making a terrible mistake.

Stay away from her. (Vash)

I'm a friend. I'm giving you friendly advice.

You are very tired.

Go sleep by yourself for a change.

Tell me what you know about Q?

Did you actually ask for such a dismal command?

Go ahead, blame Q!

Heavy is the burden of being me.

What I was hoping for was a little witty repartee.

I'll decide when the partnership is over.

All gone!

Or what, you will thrash me?

You hit me! Picard never hit me!

(Q finds himself on his backside.)

I can take care of myself. Really?

I leave you now to reconsider my offer of friendship.

Still chasing your own tail?

Quite a motely crew you have assembled here, Benji.

Believe me gang, she is far more dangerous to you, than I.

Think of it as a weapon!

I didn't realize how really evil you are.

I'll save you, all you have to do is ask.

I have never seen a space station torn apart by a worm hole before.

It's about time too!

Earth is a dismal place.

I don't need your advice.

Just give me back my life.

I was able to experience, wonder.

Maybe I can drop in some time?

John de Lancie has a good time

playing Q, the pest of the galaxy!

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