John de Lancie in Star Trek TNG: "Q Who!"


There, there haven't we been careless?

Look we are no where near your vessel!

The locator beam won't help.

We have business Picard.

It will in time.

You are an impossible stubborn human.

You are right Picard, this is the proper venue for our discussion.

This creature in an Imp. (Guinan)

She is diverting us from the purpose of my being here.

Riker and Micro Brain, growl for me, show me that you still care.

I neither expect or require any special treatment.

I can't imagine why ... renounce all my powers.

We don't trust you (Q)!

Oh the arrogance!

I offer myself as guide. Only to be rejected out of hand.

Your help is not required (Q).

We will have to see just how ready you are.

The hall is rented, the orchestra is engaged and now it's time to see if you can dance.

The Borg are an ultimate user.

This is as real as your so-called world gets.

You can't out run them!

They are relentless!

Do you still profess to be prepared for what awaits you?

Q end this! Moi?

I need you!

Back where we started.

Another man would have been humiliated to say the words.

If you can't take a little bloody nose, you should go home and crawl under your bed.

but it's not for the timid!
John de Lancie does a nice job with his Q character.

Gene Roddenberry told John that, "You make my words sound better than they are!"

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