John de Lancie in "Schemes!"

(John de Lancie plays Dr. Arthur Martin, a college professor.)

Not really, I enjoy being alone. I got something to show you!

I got to have some fun too, you know.

Hi Clair! It's the one thing you're good at.

(a thunderstorm and someone is on the boat.)

Evelyn, Evelyn, is that you?

I'm calling the police.

For God's sake I had dinner with her.

(Arthur, after being choked, passed out on the floor.)

Wake up Doc, time for your pop quiz!

You're OK!

I don't know where she is!

(Arthur grimacing with pain after getting slapped.)

She's at the old motel on Balabou.

John de Lancie plays a College Professor, Dr. Arthur Martin.

Poor John gets beat up in this role.

The first part of my tape was bad so I am looking for a better copy. Please e-mail me if you have a good copy. Thanks!

I think it's time I never see you again.

A Special Thanks to Melissa Pittman for acquiring the "Schemes" for me.

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