John de Lancie in Touched By An Angel!

Ah, what's next?

It might as well take my truck, too!

Sell our farm to a big conglomerate for pennies.

Omni Corp wants all or nothing. That's a raw deal!

This Saturday, I am going to sell everything I own to hold on to the land.

Sue God!

Justinian Jones, representing myself.

Clarion cried out for justice before it dies.

So the drought has left these people without insurance.

Drought is driving everyone away.

Catching falling windows washers.

Justinian Jones, your wife is gone,

God has maliciously withheld rain.

God works in mysterious ways.

Why, why is God giving us this drought?

God, if we don't get any rain, the town is going to die.

Mr. Jones, you prayed for rain and the answer is no!

Old enemies have become good friends.

Judge, I want to drop my suit.

This town is going to die. Thy will be done!

That's allright honey. Things will work out.

Mr. Jones

The machinery ought to bring enough for a bus ticket.

I'm going to miss you too!

Say Grace, Justinian. I don't think I can.

You are an angel! I am.

You needed rain but you needed each other more.

I don't know what to say.

John de Lancie does an absolutely wonderful job in this leading role of farmer Justinian Jones who is about to lose his farm due to a drought. He sues God in the process and brings the whole town together to support him. John, you had me crying!

Thank you!

A Special Thanks to Melissa Pittman for getting me "Touched By An Angel!"

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