John de Lancie in Taking Care of Business

Ted Bradford, Junior V.P. Quality Foods!

I won tickets to the World Series!

We ought to get going!

Good catch Mr. Sacamoto!

(Ted playing tennis)

(John looks good in shorts!)

(Allright, more tennis!)

You guys look benevolent.

You ought to put your suit on.

A date?

Ok Homeys, I'll be back in a second.


Don't worry about Diane.

Just be yourself.

I'll have a Gimlet.

I knew I was going to like you.

You play an unusual game of tennis.

Toast to International Business.

Here, Here!

Your frosted flakes ...

Diane Conners

What's going on?

You totally failed!

See you again.

John does a fine job of acting in Taking Care of Business.

He looks great in shorts and his form isn't bad either!!!

Watch how he captures your attention in every sceen.

I've had complaints!

COPYRIGHT 1998 By Mary Jensen

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