John de Lancie in Star Trek TNG: Tapestry

Welcome to the after-life Jean-Luc. You're dead!

I'm God!

Enough of that!

These are all the voices of those you have killed.

If you have any appologies or regrets, they are listening.

Your opportunity to make peace with your sordid past.


Your artificial heart

Is that a regret I hear?


Wasn't very smart of you taking on 3 Nausicaans!

So, if you had it all to do over again?

Things would be different.

That's Captain Q to you, young man.

Attention on deck!

You're 21 years old again.

Well, to everyone elso you do.

You said you regretted a great many things in your past.

To be blunt, you are not that important.

I will give you my personal guarantee.

Only thing at stake is your life.

You have a second chance.

Which I doubt it!

Of course, you'll die!

You die on the table and we spend eternity together.

You seem unimpaled at this time.

It gets you right here.

Flowers! Is there a John Luck Pickard here?

We are simply riddled with regrets.

( John de Lancie as Q)

Morning darling!

Congratulations Mon Ca-pi-tan!

What seems to be the problem?

Carrying reports to your superiors.

He never took charge of the Star Gazers bridge.

I rather die as the man I was.

John turns in another fine acting job.

This is one of John's personal favorite episodes.

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