John de Lancie in Star Trek: TNG

"True Q"

Mon Captain!

(John de Lancie as Q)

Thats she's Q.

I need to find out,

what I suspected about the girl.

To visit Earth for amusement.

In vulgar human fashion, they conceived a child.

What is it about the squirming little infants?

As an expert in humanity, I was sent to investigate.

Then I would have known she wasn't a Q.

Instruct her!

(She could destroy your entire galaxy.)

Those in the Continum that have an over exaggerated sense of responsibility.

She'll come back to the Continum where she belongs.

Mon Captain, I really think we need to speak privately.

She'd better, because I'm all she got.

Pals! I knew I could count on you, Jean-Luc!

Very impressive, the way you contained the explosion.

Spontaneous combustion of someone you don't like?

She has potential, this one.

Spontaneous combustion of someone you don't like?

Q! I don't want to go anywhere.

Your over reacting as usual, Picard!

She's quite a little spitfire now, isn't she?

The Continum have a vested interest in this young women.

She just did! (Act like a Q)


If you would agree to take a short visit to the Continum.

Would you like precious jewels, works of art?

Close your eyes! Close your eyes!

Good! Good!

You could even double or triple the work load.

You are attracted to him!

Don't be sorry!

Making her plow through human chores is beneath her.

That doesn't mean she should be bored to death.

Well, when you put it like that.

Have you been practicing your teleportation.

I have a wonderful idea.

You're still thinking like a human.

What do human have to offer you?

The universe could be your playground.

If you say so, I wasn't there.

And what if they were? (Parents killed by the Continum)


I haven't decided yet! (whether she lives or dies!)

She is a plucky thing isn't she?

The jury is still out on that, Picard.

(John does a lot of acting without words)

A moral center.

(Watch John's facial expressions)

Jean-Luc, The only reason I came here

to hear these wonderful speeches.

I told you it would be hard to resist.

Think about this. It is not so easy.

These are some of the hottest pictures of John, I have seen!

John has great facial expressions and his takes are absolutely hilarious!

Now that you came to your senses, lets go.

COPYRIGHT 1998 By Mary Jensen

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