My Valentine to John de Lancie

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting John de Lancie this year at the Chicago Convention. And to say the least he is an extremely courteous, talented and wonderful person to know and to work for. JOHN, YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

John de Lancie in "The First Men in the Moon"
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Happy Valentine's Day John!
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Pucker John! You can get it out!
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The serious side of John!
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A promotional shot of

John de Lancie

John de Lancie and Kate Mulgrew

John as the Sheriff of Nottingham

John as Q in "Q-Less!"

Here's to you, John!

John de Lancie and Patrick Stewart in Tapestry!


Q likes to tempt Riker!

Help! John is stuck in my Compaq computer!

John, we sure enjoy your work!

John in Star Trek Next Generation!

John as Q hosts a new Star Trek Trivia Computer Game!

John as Q the Omnipotent!

Does this look familiar John?

John's reading "The Devil and Billy Markham" by Shel Silverstein

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