LEGEND (The TV Series)
Starring John de Lancie

You are listening to the Legend theme song!

Richard Dean Anderson is Nicodemus Legend

Legend was written by: Michael Piller & Bill Dial

John de Lancie as Janos Christoff Bartok

Mark Adair Rios as Huitzilopochtli Ramos

Jarrad Paul as Skeeter

Legend flying with the Legend Wings

John plays the eccentric European scientist and inventor.

Ramos and Bartok watch Legend fly!

Richard plays a gambling, womanizing, hard drinking writer turned a hero, Legend!

Janos is an inventor of DC current is the opposite of Legend. He is a hard working, gentleman who is sauve and sophisticated.

Who me? Janos Christoff Bartok

Who me? Ernest Pratt or

Nicodemus Legend

SMILE! Ramos takes their picture.

It was a short run program on UPN in 1995. It last ran on television on TVLAND in about 1999.
Legend is a story about the 1870's West, a boozing dime novelist (Richard Dean Anderson) assumes the identity of his books' hero, Nicodemus Legend. In the opener, Legend is assisted by Professor Janos Christoff Bartok, (John de Lancie) the eccentric European scientist and inventor who is an admirer of Ernest Pratt's clever Western Tales.

Pratt (Anderson) is concerned by the awkward situation and by Bartok's persistent efforts to convince him that he must take on Legend's identity. Bartok tells Pratt ,"Your celebrity has the power to give our enemies pause. My science can increase that reputation. And together we will create the real Legend"

This is a real tongue in cheek comedy of the old West. John does a marvelous job trying to keep Ernest Pratt from being overcome by his bad side of gambling, womanizing and hard drinking.

This is one of John's favorite roles. He put a lot into this character. Watch your cable TV guide for Legend.

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Richard Dean Anderson as Ernest Pratt and Nicodemus Legend
John de Lancie as Janos Christoff Bartok
Mark Adair Rios as Huitzilopochtli Ramos
Jurrad Paul as Skeeter

Created by: Michael Piller and Bill Dial
Executive Producers: Bill Dial, Michael Piller
Executive Producers: Richard Dean Anderson, Michael Greenburg
Music: Ken Harrison

A Gekko Film Corp. production in association with
Bill & Mike Productions for Paramount
Broadcast on UPN Television
First Telecast: April 18, 1995
Last Telecast: August 22, 1995

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