Mary Jensen


Mary Jensen, the creator of this tribute web site to John de Lancie,
passed away on March 3, 2001 at the University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics
in Iowa City, Iowa after a long illness which began on January 15th.
Mary was a huge Star Trek fan and had been able to work with
John de Lancie and Leonard Nimoy on their Alien Voices web site for a while.
Mary loved it and achieved a great amount of joy and happiness by
working on John's tribute site and others like it and her passing has
caused her family and many friends great sorrow. I will attempt to keep
this site on the web but I have very little of the expertise that Mary possessed
to make any updates or many changes to this web site. I will not be able to respond
to many emaiI messages but I will try as long as I am able to do so.

I loved my wife, Mary, very much and I know that she would have wanted me to try
to keep this page going for a while longer. All of the work here was created by Mary
for other fans enjoyment as well as for her own enjoyment.


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